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Bronco Pump - European Sankey

  • $ 53.83

The Bronco Pump keg tap is a party-starting MVP that turns a regular keg into a smooth-pouring, drink-dispensing dynamo. * Just slap the Bronco Pump on to your keg and use the easy-pumping motion to dispense your beer. It’s a fool-proof, easy-to-use way to ensure that everyone at the party knows how to use the keg. * This model is fitted with a European Sankey (S system) coupler to help you pour a range of popular foreign beers like Heineken, Beck’s, and Newcastle. * Get a Bronco Pump for yourself or invest in multiples for your commercial keg rental program. Either way, you’ll appreciate the durable functionality of this King of Keg Taps! * Click here for a complete list of beers that can be tapped by this keg party pump. * Please note: the Bronco Pump pushes air through your system to dispense, making it a temporary solution that’s perfect for one-day events or parties. To keep your beer fresh for longer, you’ll need a CO2 system.

  • Ideal for short-term use at parties and gatherings.
  • Equipped with a Euro Sankey coupler for tapping kegs lie Heineken, Becks and Newcastle.
  • Incredibly durable.
  • Great for store rental programs.
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