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Bootea 14 Day Teatox 100% Natural Health Supplements

  • $ 42.99

These are the original product from the manufacturer in the original packaging. The product has not been altered. Two kinds of products are in the box. One is a daytime tea and one is a bedtime tea. The daytime tea does not have a strong laxative effect. BooTea is a healthy product with all natural ingredients to support your health and weight loss goals. Ingredients in the daytime tea are known for their antioxidant benefits (e.g., Chinese Oolong tea), for their support of heart health (e.g., polyphenol to support dissolving triglyceride) or providing vitamins A, E, and C (ginger and fennel). There are other benefits as well. The bedtime tea has a noticeably stronger laxative effect. Several people have noticed the laxative effect of the bedtime tea by drinking the Bedtime tea before they go to sleep. This supports your cleansing routine. The tea is a natural product with a natural laxative effect (not a chemically induced strong effect). Please give it time. Daytime and Bedtime BooTea are uniquely formulated to support your health, detox, and cleansing routines. BooTea was voted 2015 Product of the Year by Consumer Survey of Product Innovation.

  • Ships inside U.S. Box set Includes both daytime and bedtime tea. High quality UK product.
  • Daytime tea to support a healthy heart and provide your body with antioxidants.
  • Bedtime tea before sleeping to support your cleansing routine.

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