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Banana Hook - Ripen Bananas Naturally with Under Cabinet Banana Hanger / Banana Holder. Self-stick and Adheres Under Cabinets

  • $ 7.00

The under-counter Banana Hook / Banana Hanger uses super-stick adhesive to mount under your counter and holds a bunch of bananas so they ripen naturally! This unique under-counter kitchen hanger/hook gadget can also hold towels, washcloths or other lightweight kitchen items. Can be used as a replacement for a banana stand, key hook, towel hook, washcloth hook dishrag hook, headphone hook, banana bowl or fruit bowl. Great for RVs / recreational vehicles, a wonderful RV hook space saver!

  • Brand New | Self-Adhesive | Under-counter Mount | White | Ripen Bananas Gently and Naturally
  • Save valuable counter space because the banana hanger / banana holder under your cabinet.
  • Ripen bananas naturally and enjoy delicious, fresh tasting bananas any time of day!
  • No more bruised bananas. Use this convenient banana hanger to keep your bananas bruise-free. Also good for hanging dry herbs, dried red chiles / chilis, grapes and bags of garlic.
  • Folds up when not in use. No bananas? No problem! Just fold your banana hook up and its conveniently out of the way!