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6 (6 Gallon) Allergy Central Vacuum Bags For Beam, Eureka, Electrolux, Singer, Star-Brute, Kenmore, Mastercraft, Frigidaire, White Westinghouse, Heatilator, Nutone, Aggresor, Astrovac, Husky, Star-Brute, Broam, Cyclovac, Dynavac, Smart, Soluvac 44186

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(6) MicroFine Electrostatic lined Allergen 6 Gallon Vacuum Bags made by EnviroCare Part #4462 Contact me if you are interested in larger wholesale quantities of this or other products. Envirocare Parts designed to fit with or replace genuine original (OEM) manufacture part numbers below: 110360, 110025 and 110056 bags, 391 and 44186, Vacuflo 200 (bag 6528), and Filter Aire #90610, Eureka 54585, Electrolux Type K, 026VS-110360 (VacSite #), Type 210 Designed to fit the vacuum models listed below and more: Central Vacuums: (Check the picture and the dimensions of the bag to make sure it will be a good fit.) Style Model Numbers Beam Model BU160, 165 BU165, PU300A, all Powerline units, V165, 167 Condo, 167, 169, 167S, 168C, 167C, 166, 168, 169, Eureka central vac CV107H, CV137H, CV825, CV920, CV1001, CV1004, CV1601, CV1801, CV1804, CV1810, CV1004B, CV2104B, CV2301, CV3120B, CV3120C, CVS4000, CV550QA, CV-Mini - CV3120F CV5500 - CV3121H, CV6500i - CV3291L, Eureka CVS5000, Eureka CVS6000, Eureka CVS7000, Boss Electrolux 1521, 1580, 159, CV91A, CV3291, CV3391A, CV3391D, E130A, E130F, E117A, E177A, ECV1590A, EDV1690A, PU3450, Afuera, CV3291, PU3650 (one intake only), PU3900 Kenmore . Mastercraft 4464 Frigidaire F200 & F300, PU-7501A, PU-7502 White Westinghouse Central Vacs Heatilator CVS5000, CVS6000s, CVS7000s, (except model 4000) Nutone CV850, CV750, CV450, CV450C and CV450W models using 6 gallon bags Aggresor AG3, AG6, AG10 & AG11 Astrovac MK-I, MK-XXIII, MK-XXIX Broan, Cyclovac, Dynavac, Easyflo, Filteraire, Housekeeper by Rittenhouse, Miami Carey, Singer, Smart, Soluvac (some models) Honeywell 4B-H603, H602 Husky, Star-Brute CVS5000, CVS6000s, CVS7000s, (except model 4000) Dimensions: 2" Hole Diameter 22 1/2" x 11" Bag Size 4 1/4" x 5" Cardboard