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2 Jumbo 11" x 50' Commercial Vacuum Sealers Saver Bags Sous Vide Food Storage

  • $ 28.99

These premium quality Vacuum Sealer Rolls are the answer to all your food packaging needs. Simply trim a piece to your desired length, vacuum seal one end, fill, and then vacuum seal the other end. The embossed dotted pattern allows for complete air removal, locking in freshness, flavor and nutritional value. Your food will be kept clean and intact, and will taste as fresh as the day you packaged it.
Made from heavy duty 3.5 mil thickness material, these Vacuum Sealer Rolls will not puncture, tear or burst open. They can extend the life of most foods up to 5 times longer than ordinary storage methods. They can be reused, resealed and can also serve many non-food uses such as preserving collectibles, valuable documents, silver or electronic items.

  • Premium quality material is puncture and tear resistant: welded seams will not burst
  • Embossed dotted pattern provides most consistent vacuum seal: locking out air and locking in freshness, flavor and nutrition
  • Safe for freezing, microwaving, reheating, boiling, or cleaning in dishwasher
  • Can be cut and sealed to make custom size bags
  • Clear color allows you to easily identify your foods